Jeep SRT8 Coilover Project

Lifting your Jeep SRT8 can be a costly project which is also time intensive, especially if you’ve never installed a raise before. Often times, clients will ask whether there is a cheaper or faster way to obtain 33 inches tires on their Wrangler YJ without parting with the money for a complete bc racing srt8 coilover suspension kit. The answer to that’s yes, and while it mightn’t be a setup which will execute as well off road as a complete suspension lift, it’ll undoubtedly make your Jeep Wrangler more trail worthy than the factory Wrangler set up. A conventional suspension raise kit to get the 1987-95 Jeep Wrangler YJ mostly consists of four leaf springs and setup hardware.

The quantity of arch in the leaf springs establishes how much raise will be achieved once they have been installed on the Jeep. Dividing the wheel pin and then removing, then remove them from the vehicle, and after that turning this procedure to install the new springs may take some effort and is challenging to execute alone. Installing a bc coilover suspension kit is not a precise science, but there’ll undoubtedly be times when you’ll have to get Creative throughout the installation process so as to get some pieces to match and align correctly before they could be bolted down. This is where many people cringe and justify that it is better to spend less money to install an easier raise that requires less time.

A 3 inches lift on the Wrangler YJ may be reached with a 2 inches body lift along with a 1 inches shackle lift. What’s a body lift? A body raise is a set of spacers which are placed at the increasing points where the Jeep bathtub is bolted to the frame. The idea is just to use these spacer to lift the body away from the frame, thus the term Body lift. What’re shackles and what’s a shackle lift? The chains are devices that connect the leaf springs the frame. They pivot when the spring gets expanded or compressed.

A shackle raise is a set of alternative shackles which are longer than the factory shackles. By changing the factory shackles with longer shackles, the frame is just moved away from the axle that leads to raise, thus the term Shackle lift. A 2 inches shackle may net approximately 1 inches of lift. The typical 3 inches Jeep Wrangler YJ suspension raise with shocks may cost anyplace from $600 to $900 and take anyplace from five to 10 hours to install.